Saturday, 11 November 2006


This is Sherbert (Herbert!) on one of his excursions outside of his cage. These excursions are infrequent as he is still a little nervous.

Sherbert gets out a lot more now than he used to and likes to scare the cats when he is rolling around in his hamster ball. I used to think that these were cruel devices but he really enjoys exploring the house and stretching his legs. Posted by Picasa

David Livingstone Statue

This is the David Livinsgtone statue outside the musuem.
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Georgian House Edinburgh

Took the girls to the Georgian House today as we had taken out a membership of the National Trust of Scotland last weekend. I like this house it is so untouched and is pretty much as it was originally built with the rest of the new town.

The reason we joined the NTS is that Lucy is doing David Livingstone as her famous Scot project. So we went to the David Livingstone centre. This was really good and certainly Lucy got enough material for her project.

When Amy saw the new status outside she asked if when you were bitten by a lion you turned to stone. Good question.